Gerege MedTech LLC

Gerege MedTech started its work in 2020, at the beginning of Covid-19, to simplify and assist the work of medical professionals in conducting and regulating the spread of the virus.

Since then, we have been working to find digital solutions for the gaps we identified in the medical sector in Mongolia, to create a more efficient healthcare  system to all.


Contributing to the health system by incorporating technological solutions


With advanced ideas based on technology, creating conditions for the health of the population and improve the quality of life of the people in accordance with the needs and intrerests of society.

7.2 million+

Registered PCR tests


POS used in the medical sector

3.1 million+

Mongolians registered


of Mongolians are our users


partnered hospitals & laboratories


present across all 21 Aimags

Our platforms:


A comprehensive platform that can register, monitor, schedule and monitor all types of infectious diseases


A comprehensive platform to protect and improve the health of the city’s population.

Payment EruulMN

A payment solution for the health sector.

Gerege's EruulMN, nationwide used platform