Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a monthly subscription fee?

    The basic cash registry system has no monthly fees. But if you subscribe to additional modules such as accounts receivable, a subscription fee will be added.

  • Does it print the VAT?

    If you are registered as a VAT payer in our system, a VAT receipt will be printed. If registered as a non-VAT payer, a receipt with the state lottery number will be printed. The device can also be used as a card reader.

  • Will it accept it, if I link it to any bank?

    Yes, you can link your earnings to any bank of your choice and you change it at any time. The income of that day will be credited to the linked account and transferred the next day.

  • Where can I purchase a device if I live in the countryside?

    It can be obtained from the central branches of the State Bank in Darkhan and Erdenet cities, and Khovd, Zavkhan and Govi-Altai provinces. For other locations, you can contact us by phone at +976-7277-3773 or send an email to

  • What are the main advantages?

    Register goods with a barcode system, monitor the stock balance, plan withdrawals, receive payments through installments or in cash, card or bank transfer, view reports on the web from anywhere and track sales by employee. The device can be used on the go wherever there is an internet connection.